Lunch and Learns

Take a look below to see the exciting Lunch and Learns at Yarchei Kallah this year…

Mon - Funky Chassidim


Monday, July 6

Funky Chassidim: The Breslov Phenomenon with Rabbi Leibish Hundert





Tues - Womens Issues


Tuesday, July 7

Women’s Issues in Modern Israel: Moving Forward or Backward? with Rabbi Reuven Tradburks



Wed - Holding Hands thru Hardship

Wednesday, July 8

Holding Hands Through Hardship: How to Help Friends Overcome Life’s Most Common Hurdles with Rochel Goldbaum




Thurs - Tzedaka


Thursday, July 9

Tzedaka: True Social Justice with Rabbi Idan Scher



 Fri - Jewish Coping Skills
Friday, July 10

Jewish Coping Skills: A Psychological Look at How Judaism Helps Us Cope With Adversity with Rabbi Tuvia Hoffman





All Lunch & Learns: 12:15 – 1:30pm at Hillel Lodge

Pre-registration required

Register online

For more information contact the JET office: or 613.695.4800