Evening Classes @ SJCC

Take a look below to see the exciting evening classes at Yarchei Kallah this year…

The History of Religious Issues in Modern-day Israel

Taught by Rabbi Reuven Tradburks

Monday – A Jewish State or a Democratic State: It all boils down to that.

Tuesday – To Fight or Not to Fight: Army service and the Haredim.

Wednesday – The History of Yom Hashoah: Holocaust Remembrance Day as a window on conflicting visions.

Thursday – The State of Israel: Are we here to stay?

Monday – Thursday 7:20 -8:20pm

Between Me and You

Taught by Rochel Goldbaum

This course will explore interpersonal mitzvot. Learn the whats and hows. Gain insight and practical tools to properly practice these challenging laws and enhance our relationships.

Monday – Revenge: Tit for Tat?

Tuesday – Harboring Hatred

Wednesday – Don’t Be the Judge

Thursday – Words that Hurt

Monday – Thursday 7:20 -8:20pm

The Shemoneh Esrei: Imbued with Meaning and Mysticism

Taught by Rabbi Tuvia Hoffman

Imbued with meaning and mysticism, the nineteen blessings of the Shemoneh Esrei have the power to attach a person to G-d with great intimacy. This class will focus on both the individual blessings as well as the structure of the Shemoneh Esrei using sources from our Sages and contemporary authors to make our personal prayer experience more meaningful.

Monday – Thursday 8:30 -9:30pm

Spirituality and Modernity: A Contradiction in Terms?

Taught by Rabbi Leibish Hundert

We will study and discuss the writings of R. Nosson Sternhartz (1780-1845) the primary disciple of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov (1772-1810). Learn about his distinct and unique approach to modernity, which swept through Eastern Europe in his lifetime. His voice on modernity is largely unheard and provides a fascinating and crucial spiritual perspective on modern, Enlightenment-style thinking, modes of perception, and socio-cultural identity.

Monday – Thursday 8:30 -9:30pm

Note: All evening classes take place at the SJCC

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