Rabbi Zischa Shaps

JET was founded by Rabbi Shaps in 1992. Originally from New York City, Rabbi Shaps moved with his family to Ottawa for a year or two back in 1989 to teach at the Ottawa Torah Institute. His knowledge of sports and Torah made him a much loved teacher at the OTI and later at Hillel Academy, now the Ottawa Jewish Community School. Currently Rabbi Shaps is both the director of JET and the Executive Director of Torah Day School of Ottawa.  Rabbi Shaps received his Rabbinic Ordination from the Rabbinical Seminary of America-Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim in New York and has a Masters in Education from Adelphi University. Rabbi Shaps and his wife Lauren are the proud parents of five children.

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Mrs. Lauren Shaps

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Sierra Cwinn

An Ottawan of less than a year, Sierra Cwinn is quickly making it her home. She is your first contact when you need information about classes, events, donations etc. She is a graduate of Beth Rivkah Montreal. You will always find a smile on her face. Sierra can answer your questions and put you in touch with the right contacts.



Rabbi Yoey Shaps 

Rabbi Yoey and Smin Shaps moved from New York City, in the summer of 2015, to take on the leadership positions at the Glebe Shul. Rabbi Yoey, an Ottawa native, studied in the Rabbinical Seminary of America, located in Queens, NY. He holds a Masters in Educational Administration from Loyola University.



Smin Shaps

Soft spoken, gracious, and kind, everyone wants to be Smin’s bff.  Originally from North Miami Beach Florida, Smin gave up fun in the sun to move first to New York, where she met and married Rabbi Yoey Shaps, and then to Ottawa to be co-director of JET’s Glebe Shul Program for young adults.  Smin brings her warmth and great sense of style to everything she does, whether parties, programs, or Shabbat dinners.  Smin has a Master’s degree in Special Education and is the mother of three beautiful children, Ilana, Tamar, and Ezra


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