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JWRP_flyer_27.1_JET Men Looking for an exciting trip to Israel in the fall? JET has some options! Contact Lauren Shaps for more details about our exciting trips with JWRP.

Kosher Choices

My parents and four of our five adult children were here with us for all or part of the week of Passover. It was great to be together, our mostly quiet home filled with the sounds of shmoozing and laughter, toddlers talking, babies crying. But it wasn’t quite as perfect as I make it sound. …

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The Matzah Reminder

Monday our new diet began. No, this isn’t South Beach or Paleo or even grapefruit. This is the Matzah Diet. If we are going to be trading in our soft, fluffy, whole wheat bread for eight days of matzah, we might want to give some thought as to what this is all about. Why is …

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