Yarchei Kallah – July 3rd-9th
More information to come!



When: October 30th – November 7th, 2016
Cost: $999, $699 for JWRP husbands
For more information, please contact Rabbi Shaps at zshaps@gmail.com
There are only SIX spots for all of Ottawa, so be sure to register ASAP to secure your spot! This trip is sure to be a wonderful learning experience, and all who participate always come back raving about it!

Mens trip flyer


(Read and Understand the Haggadah with Rabbi4b212550-6be3-498a-ace8-006eda42d9bf

Hoffman with two convenient times, morning and evening.)

Make sure to visit one of Rabbi Hoffman’s upcoming classes. 

Everyone welcome. For a full listing of Rabbi Hoffman’s classes, please click here:

Advanced Hebrew Reading

Alta Vista Classes

Derech Hashem

Lunch and Learn at Gowlings

Qualicum Classes

For any additional details, please contact Rabbi Hoffman at: 613-261-9098 or at rabbihoffman@jetottawa.com.

Check out this wonderful article in the most recent edition of the Ottawa Jewish Bulletin about Rabbi Hoffman!


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