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JWRP_flyer_27.1_JET Men Looking for an exciting trip to Israel in the fall? JET has some options! Contact Lauren Shaps for more details about our exciting trips with JWRP.

The Values Found in Passover

Passover is around the corner. Preparations are moving into high gear. Here at our local big box grocery store in Ottawa, Ontario, the shelves in the kosher aisles are lined with white paper and covered by Passover products galore. Everyone is talking about the Seders: what’s on the menu, which side of the family to join or …

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Will Power vs Want Power

Do you excel at will power or want power? My strength is definitely in the want department. I want it all and whatever I have, which is a lot, doesn’t seem to keep me from wanting more. Day in and day out, I come across stuff or knowledge or qualities or capabilities I don’t have …

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