Momentum Women’s Trip

Lauren Shaps withJWRP's MOMentum trip

Lauren Shaps with JWRP’s MOMentum trip


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The Leaders We Deserve and Why Perception Matters

The upcoming American presidential election is big news throughout the world. Hillary vs. Trump makes for great entertainment, but it’s kind of scary when you think of the incredibly high stakes involved. Most will agree that the world’s stability is strongly tied to the safety, security and sanity of the United States. Leaders we laugh at make for great …

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Nourishing an Open Mind

Finally Spring has sprung! The gardeners, bikers and boaters are out in full force. Whatever their passion, you can be sure that their kids are alongside – little ones in tow at the garden show, coasting precariously in the bike seat or almost hidden in their oversized life jackets. Fast track 20 years and chances …

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